Film Review: The Aztec Box (2013)


SYNOPSIS: 4 college students dig up an ancient Aztec relic in their own backyard, only to discover a dark force that is attached to it. REVIEW: Two things have come along, enabling almost anyone to make a horror movie: changes in technology and the found footage sub-genre. Anymore, all you need is a digital camera, some editing software, a friend with a midi synth, and a screenplay that invokes constant running cameras. Boom. You’ve got … Continue reading

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Film Review: Entrance (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Suziey Block stars as a young woman living out her twenties in a city. She shares a rather nice apartment with a roommate while maintaining a job at a local coffee house. Her life is pretty routine until a series of strange events start to happen. First there was that strange car that seemed to be following her when she left the local watering hole, and then her beloved dog came up missing. Luckily … Continue reading

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