Film Review: Dog Bite Dog (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Cambodian hitman Pang, fresh off the boat in Hong Kong, successfully takes out his target. He doesn’t get very far, however, before the cops are onto him, kicking into motion a manhunt that will claim many more lives. Hiding out in a garbage dump, Pang rescues a girl he finds there from her incestuous father. She immediately attaches herself to her savior, despite the fact that he is a ruthless killer. Unable to abandon … Continue reading

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Film Review: CrocZilla (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Xiao, befriends Amao a 36 foot crocodile, who lives on his fathers croc sanctuary. Xiao’s father is forced to sell his crocodiles to a gangster who plans to use them for high priced meals. Before Amao is due to be slaughtered, he escapes, slaying his captors in the process. Amongst the chaos, Amao accidentally swallows a bag with $1 million dollars inside. When rumor’s of this spread, the town locals are split with some … Continue reading

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