Film Review: Beyond the Basement Door (short film) (2012)


SYNOPSIS: What needs to be locked away?


Film Review: Shadows (short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: A father and his son experience a horrifying night after the boy claims there is a man hiding in his room. REVIEW: Michael and Andrea aren’t much different than the rest of us. Their son Danny is complaining about night terrors and a “man in the room”, but the 2 of them know its only his vivid imagination. Michael being a concerned father comes to Danny’s aid when he calls out, but this time … Continue reading

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Film Review: Dead Bodies Everywhere (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A group of seven friends embark on a weekend getaway. when they get there, things seem a bit off. they come across arthur grigsby, a brutal serial killer who has one goal: KILL EVERYONE. Watch as Arthur picks off the group one by one any way he can to make sure that there are dead bodies everywhere. REVIEW: There is no escaping DIY cinema. It’s everywhere and everyone with a camera is out making … Continue reading

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