Some Sales Art Shows Up For Stephen King’s CELL

As happens with so many films, the road to the big screen has been an odd one for Stephen King’s CELL. Originally slated to be an Eli Roth flick it is now in the hands of Paranormal Activity 2′s director Tod Williams with John Cusack still cast in the lead. Last news we got was that the film was to start lensing a month or so back but there has been no other news since … Continue reading

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New CARRIE Theatrical Trailer Is In And It’s A Good One!

If you made it to the cineplex to check out YOU’RE NEXT this weekend then you were also treated to the new theatrical trailer for CARRIE. If you didn’t, no concerns I’ve got it for you right here. This version of CARRIE is of course a reboot of the classic Stephen King tale about a misunderstood girl with extreme powers who turns her revenge on the school and town that embarrasses her one too many … Continue reading

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Watch Over An Hour Of Never Before Scene Footage From THE NIGHT FLIER

Easily one of the most overlooked horror films of recent memory is the Mark Pavia directed adaptation of Stephen King’s THE NIGHT FLIER. Featuring a great performance by Miguel Ferrer and some kick ass FX work by KNB. It has always kind of lingered in horror no mans land and I’ve never understood why. Well, apparently neither has another fan going by the name of Dwight Renfield this fan has posted up over an hour … Continue reading

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Lets Take A Look At Next Weeks UNDER THE DOME Episode THE FOURTH HAND


UNDER THE DOME is still kicking butt for CBS, even with the stupid TIME WARNER CABLE blackout it is still pulling really strong numbers and that is all good in my book. Next weeks episode will introduce a new character and further heighten the suspense as life under the dome begins to unravel a bit. Here’s the official word on this episode titled THE FOURTH HAND: Natalie Zea (“Justified”) Guest Stars as Maxine, the Mutual … Continue reading

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Go Behind The Scenes Of PET SEMATARY In A New Documentary

A trailer has shown up for a new documentary about Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY the 1988 shocker directed by Mary Lambert. This film has become a fan favorite over the years and this will be the first extensive look at the films production. This is an indie project and is still in production but based on the trailer I’m about to show you, it looks pretty damn fine. It’s titled UNEARTHED AND UNTOLD: THE PATH … Continue reading

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Read A Little Of Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP

Easily one of the most anticipated literary events of the year is Stephen King’s sequel to THE SHINING a novel titled DOCTOR SLEEP. King fans for years have wondered what ever happened to little Danny and now, almost 30 years later we’re all going to find out. King spoke with the AARP website and had the following to say about the project: “When the [sequel] idea would pop up in my mind I would think, … Continue reading

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CBS To Return UNDER THE DOME In 2014

The series UNDER THE DOME has turned out to be the surprise hit of the summer, so much so that CBS is commiting to returning to Chester’s Mills in 2014. From the press release: UNDER THE DOME, television’s #1 summer series in viewers and key demographics, will return in summer 2014 with 13 new episodes, it was announced today by Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment. Stephen King, whose bestselling novel is the basis for the … Continue reading

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Chester Mills Is Burning In This New Clip From UNDER THE DOME

Did you all check out the premiere of UNDER THE DOME earlier this week? If you didn’t you should. Pretty good stuff. Been hearing a lot of grumbling from King faithful this week about some of the liberties taken by the screenwriters, enough noise actually that Steve sent out an email to his constant readers telling them all the chill the hell out. Fans, gotta love them. Anyway, UNDER THE DOME is airing all summer … Continue reading

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New CARRIE Motion Poster Flashes You


Got a nice new little piece of promo for the upcoming CARRIE remake. It’s a motion poster and there’s a lot going on with it so settle in and give it a good look. We’ve still got a bit of a wait on this one, it don’t hit till Oct. 18th but it will be here before you know it and I’m sure there will be plenty more cool promo things heading our way in … Continue reading

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King Hardcover THE DARK MAN Soon to Arrive!


Cemetery Dance Publications is pleased to announce our World’s First Hardcover Edition of THE DARK MAN by Stephen King, which will be available in bookstores and libraries across America on July 30th. The Dark Man has never seen the light of day beyond a few hardcore collectors of King’s college work, but many people consider it to be a prequel to King’s epic end of the world novel, THE STAND, because it stars the first … Continue reading

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CBS Serves Up Full Trailer For UNDER THE DOME


The folks at CBS have been taunting us with little tidbits of info and images from their adaptation of Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME but this morning we’ve got the full trailer. No more hinting at things, we really get to see what they have in store and it looks all good. On an entirely normal, beautiful fall day in Chester’s Mill, Maine, the town is inexplicably and suddenly sealed off from the rest of … Continue reading

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A Cast Forms For Stephen King’s A GOOD MARRIAGE


One of the more disturbing stories from Stephen King’s short story collection FULL DARK, NO STARS is the “things are not what they seem” tale A GOOD MARRIAGE. I was not aware a film adaptation was in the works so imagine my surprise when I get the news this morning that not only is it in the works, it has a cast and has starting filming this week. According to THR that is exactly the … Continue reading

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New UNDER THE DOME Preview Gives Us Some New Footage


One of the shows I’m really looking forward to checking out this summer is UNDER THE DOME which will be airing on CBS starting June 24th and will run for 13 episodes. The show stars Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris, Natalie Martinez, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch, Colin Ford, Nicholas Strong, Jolene Purdy, Ned Bellamy, and Aisha Hinds. Synopsis: “UNDER THE DOME” is the story of a small town that is suddenly and inexplicably sealed … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s 11/22/63 Heading To TV


One of Stephen King’s most unusual, interesting and heart wrenching stories, a time-travel tale titled 11/22/63 is heading to TV. Not sure where it will air but what is known is that J.J. Abrahms production company BAD ROBOT has picked up the property and that is nothing but good. 11/22/63 tells the story of a teacher who discovers a time portal and is able to return to the years before the assassination of President Kennedy … Continue reading

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Two New Teasers Promote UNDER THE DOME


As anticipated, the teasing of UNDER THE DOME is ratcheting up every week and as a result today I’ve got not one but two new teases for the CBS mini-series. They are both pretty short but in my opinion, effective.

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We Will All Know Her Name! – The Trailer For CARRIE Arrives!!


Not going to lie to you, I was really on the fence when this remake was announced. When they announced ChloĂ« Grace Moretz was going to play Carrie White, I was a little more interested, when they announced Julianne Moore had signed on to play Carrie’s mom, I was even more interested but now that I have seen the trailer, I am so there. It appears from the footage seen that they don’t sway to … Continue reading

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