Resurrecting the Slasher Genre – Advance Stills for SIN


Slasher film genre is resurrected in Sin A murderous Archangel is on the loose in Sin, a modern slasher film being produced by Nathan Seals Productions with help from horror genre fans. Sin is a slasher horror film that will slice, chop, and burn its way into your mind. The story follows a sheriff who is trying to uncover the murder of a young woman in a small farm town, only to discover that the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Wide Game – Author Michael West

They hadn’t played the Wide Game. They had been played. He’d been a pawn on a chessboard, a toy soldier in a war fought for the amusement of obscene fates. So many books and films have been made about high school reunions that it is hard to minimize their importance in the general culture of the United States. It’s almost an adult coming of age ritual, a time to face the joys and agonies of … Continue reading

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