Film Review: Eccentric Psycho Cinema (7 in series) (1998) – CAT III


Partial SYNOPSIS Shinji Imaoka’s Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko (Binzume nyoin: ginkôin · Noriko), starring Megumi Makihara as the titular teller Noriko Kamimura. Bottled Vulva: Bank Teller Noriko is part of the J·nex-produced Bottled Vulva (Binzume nyoin) trilogy, which Hollywood Film Co. Ltd. (K.K. Hariuddo Firumu) released on VHS in Japan under its Spider label circa 1998; the two other movies in that trilogy are Bottled Vulva: High School Girl Yuriko (Binzume nyoin: joshikôsei · … Continue reading

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