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Film Review: Sphere (1998)


SYNOPSIS: A spaceship is discovered under three hundred years’ worth of coral growth at the bottom of the ocean. REVIEW: Realistic and believable, the film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s best selling novel Sphere combines acting heavyweights with the intriguing tale and doing it justice. When a spaceship is found sunken beneath years of coral growth buried under one thousand feet ...

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Film Review: Deadly Blessing (1981)


SYNOPSIS: This film is set in Amish Country, at a local farm, where a woman’s husband is mysteriously killed by his own tractor! REVIEW: Directed by the legendary Wes Craven, β€œDeadly Blessing” is much tamer fare after making the now classics, β€œThe Hills Have Eyes” and β€œThe Last House On the Left.”Perhaps the pressures of making his first seven figure ...

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