Film Review: T is for Trick (short film) (2011)


REVIEW: A simple piece that runs just over 4 minutes. Shade has taken just that…a simple idea focused on two men who walk over a decent lengthy distance to meet within the confines of a small alley peepshow nook. As these rather burly men engage, they embrace and begin a gay exchange of affection. Though the clincher comes when we find that each has more sinister motives leading to a short but sweet knife exchange. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dark Stars Rising – Author Shade Rupe


From out of the artistic well of well-designed books comes a new edition titled “Dark Stars Rising”. The title is authored by Shade Rupe and is marvelously designed by David Kerekes. In fact, without even getting to the content on first open, this really is a interestingly-vivid design of a book that combines both retro and modern into an almost collage like atmosphere. The edition is a chock full pack of interview features with some … Continue reading

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