Film Review: Sadisticum (2008)

SYNOPSIS: Sadisticum tells the story of a man, for it seems to be only one mission in life, the torture and killing of his fellow men. At the age of 17, he has already killed two people. Then he succeeded to prevent his appetite for many years. He spent half of his life to work with the company and externally adjust. But the emptiness in his life increased steadily, until it happened one day, he … Continue reading

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Film Review: Psychotica (2006)


SYNOPSIS: A fanatic medical student has developed a serum that causes extremely realistic visions. When a young woman who is a subject of his, begins taking the serum, she has terrifying visions of her own death. REVIEW: A girl wakes up in what looks like one of Dexter’s kill rooms. The walls and floor are wrapped in plastic, she is covered in blood, and her guts have been ripped out and are precariously sitting against … Continue reading

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