Podcast: The Following Fan Podcast Eps 6 – Fly Away


In episode six of Horror News TV The Following Fan Podcast, your hosts Doc Rotten and Dave Dreher join the hunt as Ryan gets ever closer to his prey and things start to get a bit messy for Joe and his “family.” Horror News TV The Following Fan Podcast Episode 6 – Fly Away While season one of The Following was certainly a strong debut, it seems that season two just might be something special … Continue reading

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New Chainsaw Sally Episodes Start Back March 18th At Midnight!

Your favorite chainsaw wielding feminine psycho is back with all new episodes of TE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW, March 18th at midnight! The popular series, that has been picked up by Troma, made it’s way into the horror genre with awesome kills, a beautiful psycho (April Burril), colorful characters, and an insane plots by CSS creator JimmyO Burril. This is definitely a fan favorite if the screaming hordes of screaming people demanding follow ups to past … Continue reading

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“Unusual Side Effects” — Fringe Season 2 Blooper Reel

Walter Smiles

A must see for any Fringe fan or anyone who just wants a quick laugh.  Bloopers are a great side effect of the production process, and always entertaining especially when the show is a drama. This reel is also fun because actors like John Noble and Joshua Jackson are known for their sense of humor off screen if not always on it. The bloopers are a feature on the Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray, out … Continue reading

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