SAW 3D: err…Foreign style!


The poster is a bit busy for my tastes,,,but its still SAW coolness Source: IMPA

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SAW 3D cuts right to another nailbiting trailer


Horror Talk: 08.17.10

Horror-Talk-08.17.10 (20)

Horror Talk With Rob Delamorte Hey there Fiends, it’s your punk horrorhost, Rob Delamorte, wrapping up yet another summer, yep it’s almost over, so pull out your leather jackets, lace up your Docs..the ultimate season is looming..and once again, let’s get down to some f*cking horror business! We start off with the best in sin-ema, and believe me there’s alot of amazing offerings to place on the horror altar. First up on the list is … Continue reading

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Heartpounding new SAW 3D poster!

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