Film Review: Blood Sisters (1987)


SYNOPSIS: Seven girls must spend the night in an old house, which once was a brothel, as part of an initiation. REVIEW: While odd and choppy overall, Blood Sisters delivers well in the arena of campy acting. I have to make a confession, though, early on: around midway through this movie, I did begin fantasizing about a realm, where the word “Exploitation film” doesn’t really mean “Movie That Really Sucks!”  Considering this, I might’ve missed … Continue reading

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Film Review: Snuff (1976)


SYNOPSIS: A cult leader named Satan runs amok during the summer of love, bullying his motorbike-riding hippy followers into murdering and torturing anyone who gets in their way. Then the director calls “cut” and the crew, to relax, murders one of the actresses. Or do they? No. But can we ever be sure of that? Yes, we can. No actresses were harmed in the making of this movie. Or were they? For the last time, … Continue reading

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