Film Review: The Cat With Hands (short film) (2001)


SYNOPSIS: The dark, surreal story of a cat who wants to be human REVIEW: With an unusual mixture of animation and live-action, The Cat With Hands managed to win a whole bunch of awards around the world for its bizarre yet compelling story – from London to Los Angeles to Australia! These days it is especially rare to see puppetry in a horror movie and I thought that this was done very well. There was … Continue reading

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Interview: Filmmaker Robert Morgan (Bobby Yeah)


“One of the most visionary filmmakers working today. Imagine a fusion between the sensibilities of Salvador Dali, David Cronenberg, Ingmar Bergman, Tim Burton and the Quay Brothers, and you’ll have a partial idea of the sheer brilliance of this man’s work.” Mitch Davis, Rue Morgue Magazine. As the above quote suggests, Robert Morgan is one of those rare filmmakers that you know are destined for greatness. Though his groaning awards cabinet would suggest that he’s … Continue reading

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