Film Review: Total Fury (short film) (2007)


SYNOPSIS: An unscrupulous boy lures a girl into the woods. Where’s Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him the most? REVIEW: Old flames, A young girl from a boarding school background and a boy who professes being the top salesperson at his telemarketing company go for a stroll in the woods. As a charming conversation ensues, the girl is knocked out cold by the boy who “appears” to be leaning in for a kiss. The girl … Continue reading

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Film Review: A Winner is You (short film) (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A dual between man and clown. REVIEW: “A Winner is You” is another clever gory creation from the minds at François Simard who created the film “Bagman Professional Murder” is seen playing the role of the shooter with Jonathan Prévost (also Bagman creator) as the clown. This gory extreme short accomplishes a few items of horror. Namely, the exploitation of one who hates clowns, or in this case “clown” and a great use … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bagman Professional Murder (short film) (2004)


SYNOPSIS: Bagman, a killer with a paper bag on the head, kills anybody who pronounces his name three times. When a gang of gangsters meets a girl who escaped the killer, they call Bagman and a violent battle ensues. REVIEW: A young girl awakens to FBI agent Blake Forester who claims that out of 24 victims, she is the only one to have survived a cabin in the woods massacre. She proceeds to tell her … Continue reading

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