Book Review: The Curse of the Wendigo – Author Rick Yancey


It is called Atcen…Djenu…Outiko…Vindiko. It has dozen of names in a dozen lands, and it is older than the hills, Will Henry. It feeds, the hugrier it becomes. It starves even as it gorges. It is the hunger that cannot be satisfied in the Algonquin tongue its name literally means ‘the one who devours all mankind.’”Will and Dr. Warthrop must traverse the desolate wastelands of Canada…and in the process, may discover a truth far more … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Monstrumologist – Author Rick Yancey


I know the stigma a YA stamp carries among the horror community, but we, as a community, need to get over that crap. Rick Yancey put together a fine, chilling and emotionally affecting tale in the process. With monsters that will eat your face and enjoy every moment of it. Continue reading

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