Film Review: Art/Crime (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A documentary about violence, horror, censorship and legislation on the web. In 2009, Remy Couture, a special effects makeup artists from Quebec was arrested by the police right in front of his home and would be later charged with obscenity and corruption of morality. Montreal’s police was responding to a complaint regarding pictures coming from his website Inner which had been freely circulating on the Web. ART/CRIME discusses violence, fiction and censorship in … Continue reading

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Film Review: Inner Depravity 2 (short film) (2005)


SYNOPSIS: More tattooed mystery torture per way of creator Remy Couture. This piece is a sister piece to the first simply titled Inner Depravity REVIEW: When the first image you see happens to be a dismembered crotch, you can be certain that what follows next is not going to be pretty. Though any astute viewer would call this gore prop for exactly what it is…a prop. Following in the footsteps of his first film “Inner … Continue reading

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Film Review: Inner Depravity (short film) (2005)


SYNOPSIS: Innerdepravity  perpertratres the terrible mindset of a serial killer. A tattooed masked man  performs many of his killings in many different settings, and every killing is  accompanied with a photographic journal of his deviances. REVIEW: From Morgue 666 comes the infamous “Inner Depravity” short film by Rémy Couture. Clearly rooted in crime scene exploitation, a young man is seen taking drugs before he sets off on a collaged display of violent images. Masked and … Continue reading

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