MANIAC Remake Gets Its Theatrical And VOD Debut Date


The remake of MANIAC has been spending some time on the festival circuit and pretty much been kicking ass anywhere it plays. This morning brings the news that IFC MIDNIGHT is ready bring this retelling of the classic 1980 spatterfest to the masses. June 21st, that’s the date that MANIAC which stars Elijah Wood, America Olivo, and Nora Arnezeder will hit theaters as well as the VOD platform. Directed by Franck Khalfoun from a screenplay … Continue reading

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Latest Image From CARRIE Drenches You


Are you as stoked for this CARRIE as I am? Love the cast, have always loved the story and can’t wait to check out this retelling of this horror classic. Got a new image for you tonight, and it’s a good one – check it! Here’s all the gory details on this one:

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PATRICK Remake Done, Pics And Artwork Released


The 1970 somewhat classic PATRICK has gone under the remake knife, I told you about it a few months ago. It’s been pretty quiet in the news department on this one but this morning comes the news that the project is done and Bloody Disgusting got their hands on some pics just to prove it’s true. If you’ve never seen the original, here’s a synopsis of the flick: “After killing his mother and her lover … Continue reading

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EVIL DEAD Summoned A Week Early


It appears that there is no keeping it lock up! The source is impeccable, it’s the one and only Bruce Campbell and he took to Twitter to let the world know: “The world cannot wait. The Evil Dead remake launches one week earlier! April 5th, 2013!” The film also got it’s official rating, it’s an R for “strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language.” To say that anticipation if high for this … Continue reading

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Full Redband Coolness from MANIAC

We’ve talked about the remake a lot. Probably given it more attention than any other remake of the last several years but the more I see, the more I like this one. MANIAC is one sick ass story and man it sure looks like for this remake, they embraced the crazy! I haven’t kept my thoughts on the casting of Elijah Wood in the role made infamous by Joe Spinell. I have questioned it since … Continue reading


Trailer: Total Recall (2012)

Been a busy week for the TOTAL RECALL remake. First a one sheet then a motion poster and today the final piece of the puzzle, the trailer. The film is slated for a August 3rd theatrical release and stars Colin Farrell and two of the genres hottest ladies Kate Beckensale and Jessica Biel, if you were looking for a reason to watch – you just found it!

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CHOPPING MALL getting remade. Robert Hall to direct!


I always loved the title CHOPPING MALL. It was one of those titles that just screamed RENT ME from the video store shelf back in the day. The movie was a bit of a wild ride, about killer robot security guards hunting down teenagers in a locked up mall. News drops tonight that a remake is in the works, no real surprise there, but what is surprising is the announcement that Robert Hall will be … Continue reading

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New Title Treatment and Info For The Remake of EVIL DEAD


After years of here say and misinformation it appears that things are actually gearing up for the reboot of the EVIL DEAD franchise. Bruce Campbell was just on an VH1 morning show the other day and he was talking about it and then today comes a press release and a title treatment. Here’s the word directly from the press release:

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FRIGHT NIGHT Panel – San Diego Comic Con – Part Two

Did you like the first part of the panel? Regardless, you watched the first part so you might as well check out how it ends. Lots of good info and all involved seemed pretty stoked about their involvement in the remake. Time will tell if fans embrace it but it’s always good to see those involved bring it to the fans. Here’s the second part of the Comic Con panel. Again, don’t forget, Aug. 19th … Continue reading

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FRIGHT NIGHT Panel – San Diego Comic Con – Part One

Didn’t make it to San Diego for Comic Con? Yeah, me neither. Good news though, got some footage so it will be like you were there and it’s not going to cost you a dime. One of the many panels that has been held is for the remake of the classic FRIGHT NIGHT. Got it for you in two parts, here’s part one. Remember FRIGHT NIGHT hits Aug. 19th.

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More crazy EVIL DEAD 4 news!


This has been one wild week for EVIL DEAD 4. For years rumors and untruths has been rampant and now in just 2 short days we’ve been able to confirm that the film is happening, we have a director and we know who the screenwriter is. Lets update everything shall we? Today’s big news is that Diablo Cody has been brought on board to work on the script. Crazy news. Diablo of course came to … Continue reading

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Big EVIL DEAD 4 News!!


Burning up the horror news wire today is all kinds of news that EVIL DEAD 4 is gearing up and this time it appears it just might be true. First word came that it looked like production was winding up because a long time Raimi collaborator was heading to Detroit to start work on the project. Nothing firm, kinda weak news so nothing to get to excited about BUT!!! Bruce Campbell, old ASH himself tweeted … Continue reading

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FIRST LOOK! Teaser poster for THE THING


Been quiet on this one for quite a while. Last thing we saw were a couple of pretty non exciting stills. Today brings our first look at a teaser poster for the prequel that I actually kind of dig. It’s simple, effective…pretty good. They are still talking an Oct. 14th release on this one and here’s what it’s all about: Antarctica: an extraordinary continent of awesome beauty. It is also home to an isolated outpost … Continue reading

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Trailer: Fright Night

During the MTV movie awards they debuted the new trailer for FRIGHT NIGHT and you know what? It’s actually half decent. I know a lot of you are really down on this truly unneeded retelling of the classic vampire tale but I have to tell you, this new trailer gives at least a glimmer of hope that it’s not going to totally blow. August 19th will bring Charlie and friends to you local theater. View … Continue reading



Jessica Biel

Great news tonight as word comes down that Jessica Biel has signed on to star in the completely unneeded remake of TOTAL RECALL. If they are going to remake it at least we’ll have the lovely Ms. Biel to gander at. No word on if she will be playing the coveted Sharon Stone role or not but I’m betting that’s exactly where this is headed. TOTAL RECALL is slated for an Aug. 3rd, 2012 release … Continue reading

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New image from THE THING remake


Haven’t talked about THE THING redo that Universal has in the works. It’s still quite a ways off, Oct. 14th to be exact but today brought us a new image and sure, it shows us absolutely nothing but what the hell. It’s a slow news day and it is THE THING remake remake so it’s worth a few seconds of our time. Like I said, don’t show a thing but the good news that comes … Continue reading

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