Film Review: Red Victoria (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Talented but broke screenwriter Jim (Tony Brownrigg) reluctantly agrees to pen a horror script to raise some cash. But his inspiration comes in a very unusual form: a murderous muse named Victoria (Arianne Martin) who’s determined to give Jim a true taste of terror. As the vengeful spirit begins killing his friends one by one, Jim turns to his pal Carl (Edward Landers), a horror movie expert, for help in evicting his deadly visitor. … Continue reading

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From the Nightshift: NFTS Productions – some crispy independent frights


I am waiting on some information from the Western New York film making community so in the meantime I decided to check out some independent works. When I was growing up horror movies was normally good for some nudity now and again. Teen age boys couldn’t see hardcore p*rn but sure could find a way to see a horror movie if there were lots of blood and topless girls. A lot of horror movies lately … Continue reading

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