Interview: Rebecca Kirschbaum: Paranormal Lifestyle


What got you into art and what are some of the styles you work on? Rebecca: Back in college, I sat in a lecture about doodling. This successful and beautifully foul-mouthed artist said that doodling is a means of coping. She said that for an artist, there’s something about the act of doodling that brings a certain salvation. There’s something within an artist that *must* be expressed. She said she doodles because she has no … Continue reading

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Interview: Rebecca Kirschbaum (School Spirits – Syfy TV Show)

Janel- What motivated you to tell your story on School Spirits? You know what? I was terrified of telling my story. At the time, I was in college, and I was really scared that telling the world, “HEY! I see ghosts,” would discredit me in my future endeavors. I’m not going to lie. I almost didn’t do it. My old roommate, Stephanie, really wanted to do it. She was the one who found the casting … Continue reading

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