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Film Review: Race War The Remake (2012)


SYNOPSIS: A pair of misguided drug dealers, Baking Soda (Howard Calvert) and G.E.D. (Jamelle Kent), find themselves out of customers when a new group of traffickers invade their hood with an alien form of smack. With only their friend Kreech Da Black Kreecha from a Lagoon at their side, the two crack heads – armed and ready – must fight ...

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‘Race War: The Remake’ – new trailer online

This one looks fun! – cheesy and gory – just the way we like it – check out the trailer Synopsis: Its a splatstick movie about two crack dealers and there friend Krech Da Black Kreecha from da Lagoon and what happens when whites come into their hood selling there smack taking money out of the black mans pockets.

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