Book Review: The End In All Beginnings – Author John F.D. Taff


The End In All Beginnings By: John F.D. Taff Grey Matter Press 330 Pages A collection of five short story/novellas with a central theme of loss of love, innocence and youth. What Becomes God-A young boy will do anything to save his best friend of a terminal illness regardless of the consequences. Object Permanence-Chris Stadler is institutionalized in a psychiatric facility and struggles to break free to return to a family filled with secrets, eccentricities … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library Vol 4 – Editor R. J. Cavender


HORROR LIBRARY  VOL 4 It’s that time again. Another review from me, what may I present to thee? Glad you asked. Horror Library Volume 4! The latest installment to the Horror Library series. The stories contained are far more scarier and downright disgusting. Normal people can’t read this, they don’t have the stomachs to, or are more of wimps. No one truly understands the written creations that have been contributed to this series. So onto … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library Vol 3 – Edited by R.J. Cavender


HORROR-LIBRARY VOLUME 3 Seated in the dark confines of my bedroom which serves as my office space, I’ve just finished reading Horror-Library Volume 3. The third installment of the Horror-Library series edited by R.J. Cavender. This time around, the thirty twisted and disturbing tales written by the minds of people who are just as ordinary as we are…or are they? From the very beginning to the end, it was all tense and frightening. The first … Continue reading

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Book Review: Horror Library Volume 2 – Edited by R.J. Cavender


HORROR LIBRARY VOLUME 2 Here we are, what are the words that would describe the atrocities contained within this tome? How am I able to describe the horror written by authors whom readers of horror fiction will be learning about in the future? Horror Library Volume 2 is a follow up of short horror stories written by authors who know the craft and understand the horror genre very well. The stories contained within, short but … Continue reading

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