Film Review: Quench (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A boy turns to a old friend from school when he has nowhere else to turn but his friend is not the person he once was. This is a story of how people can change and a glimps into a world of occultists going on around us. Right in our own backyards. REVIEW: Cast: Bo Barrett – Derek Ben Schmitt – Jason Samantha Eileen DeTurk – Veronica Mia Moretti – Gina Written, Produced, and … Continue reading

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Interview: Ben Schmitt (Quench)


What’s up my 1000’s of beautiful people stopping by to read this interview and even to the 3 ugly ones in the back there! No not you, that one way back there! Ben Schmitt has dropped by to give us a piece of his mind, movies, and life. I sat down and asked him some questions and being the true professional he is, he answered them all with honesty and held nothing back! So … Continue reading

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