Book Review: Baal – Author Robert R. McCammon


BAAL (1978) By: Robert R. McCammon Pocket Books 347 Pages A dark prophet has been exhumed from the bowels of hellfire and brimstone to walk among mankind. Spreading his unholy gospel unto a legion of followers the prince of demons seems unstoppable. Will a rebel rising be enough to thwart his evil tendencies or will society ultimately crumble unto the power of Baal? Readers familiar with McCammon’s works will find no surprise that the veteran … Continue reading

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Book Review: Swan Song – Robert R. McCammon


SWAN SONG 1987 By: Robert R. McCammon Pocket Books The president of the United States makes a dire decision to engage in full blown nuclear warfare with the Soviets. With most of society obliterated the few survivors clamber to discover any grasp of hope. Sister Creep, a homeless lady from the streets of New York City discovers a majestic glass ring with glowing jewels and the ability to illuminate clairvoyance circumstances. Josh Hutchins a professional … Continue reading

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Book Review: Boy’s Life – Author Robert R. McCammon


BOY’S LIFE (1991) By: Robert R. McCammon Pocket Books Boy’s Life follows the adventures told through the eyes Cory Mackenson in the small town of Zephyr, Alabama in the 1960’s. His portrayal of adolescence focuses not so much on the loss of innocence but the loss of magical imagination and the inevitable of growing old. Robert McCammon’s Boy’s Life is a brilliant expose of first person persona from twelve year old Cory Mackenson and all … Continue reading

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