Film Review: Phantom Racer (2009)


SYNOPSIS: You don’t want to get in the way of Phantom Racer, a race car possessed by the soul of its former driver — a man who lost his life in a car crash. Blaming rival J.J. Sawyer (Greg Evigan) for his death, the ghost driver is hell-bent on getting revenge. Luciana Carro plays Dep. Monroe, whose job is to stop the motorized menace from beyond the grave without going under the killer car’s wheels … Continue reading

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Interview: Terry Ingram – Director (Phantom Racer)


WHO: TERRY INGRAM – DIRECTOR MOVIE: PHANTOM RACER Mike Joy: What went into picking out the right car to be used for Phantom Racer? Terry Ingram: When we first broke down the film it looked like we needed 10 cars all the same. Well, we didn’t have the cash for that. I worked it out that I could get away with 3 red cars, one was just a shell and the other two would have … Continue reading

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