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Trailer: Phantasm V Ravager (2015) Teaser


Trailer: Phantasm V Ravager (2015) Teaser The final installment of the long running Phantasm series.

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Film Review: Phantasm II (1988)


SYNOPSIS: Mike, now released from a psychiatric hospital, continues his journey to stop the evil Tall Man from his grim work. REVIEW: Written & Directed by: Don Coscarelli Starring: Reggie Bannister, James LeGros, Angus Scrimm QUICK FIX: Ten years after the events in the first film, Mike is finally released from psychiatric care when (just like Charley Brewster in FRIGHT ...

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Film Review: Phantasm (1979)


SYNOPSIS: Often considered one of the icons of 1970s independent horror cinema, director Don Coscarelli’s classic nail-biter follows two boys who, in pursuit of an odd-looking grave robber, may wind up as the newest members of a freshly dead slave race. Jody (Bill Thornbury) and Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) discover that the creature (Angus Scrimm) stealing cadavers walks the earth ...

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Interview: Reggie Bannister (2010) (Phantasm, Bloody Blood Bible Camp,..)


The Saint is back with another interview for my acolytes to read & enjoy (You better f*cking enjoy them, they’re hard work). Up to the plate this time is Reggie “Phantasm” Bannister. Read & Enjoy!! TBS: I’m here with Reggie Bannister, who has appeared in many films but of course is known to us as one of the stars of ...

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List: 13 Road Horror Flicks That (Do or Will) Demand Your Attention


My favorite sub-genre in all of horror isn’t a sub-genre at all, really; it’s just an element. It’s a huge one, though, one that is as much an antagonist in most cases as the monsters, demons and killers themselves. It’s a sickness, a fascination, and like a moth to flame, I’m drawn to horror movies that deal with driving, roads, ...

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