PENANCE – Brings A Whole New Perspective in 5-part Miniseries


DOPPELGĂ„NGER RELEASING ANNOUNCES  PENANCE KIYOSHI KUROSAWA’S ACCLAIMED TALE OF MURDER, MYSTERY AND ATONEMENT ARRIVES IN THE U.S. AS BOTH A THEATRICAL FILM AND A FIVE-PART MINISERIES  THEATRICAL VERSION OPENS IN NEW YORK CITY CINEMA VILLAGE, October 31st FIVE-PART TV MINISERIES VERSION BLU-RAY, DVD AND VOD ON  November 18th Chicago, IL (September 29, 2014) Master of Japanese horror Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s intense psychological thriller PENANCE, an unnerving tale of a cycle of eerily disturbing events as seen … Continue reading

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Film Review: Penance (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Amelia is a single mother trying to do right in these hard times. Amelia has a problem though when she learns about her daughter’s medical problems, and the money that it will eventually cost. Amelia decides to make an audition tape to get onto a television show in hopes of raising the money for her debt and future hospital costs. Her desperation for money leads her on a different path than she would have … Continue reading

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Film Review: August Underground’s Penance (2007)


SYNOPSIS: Has someone ever handed you a movie, not telling you one thing about it, only telling you to watch it. What if that tape was the personal home video of two sociopaths on a killing spree? This is their home movie, for their eyes-only. This is August Underground’s PENANCE. The third and final film in the AU franchise Directed By Fred Vogel and Starring Cristie “Crusty” Whiles. PENANCE shows the dark decline of the … Continue reading

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Fred Vogel and ToeTag Pictures: The Good, the Gory, and the Disturbing

ToeTag Pictures.  Ever hear of it?  They are the film company behind the August Underground trilogy, The Redsin Tower, Maskhead, and Murder Collection V.1.  If you only watch mainstream horror releases then chances are you haven’t heard of them.  Formed by Fred Vogel and Jerami Cruise on April 1, 2004 ToeTag Pictures and Vogel are, I believe, the most important forces working the low-budget, independent horror scene today.  Vogel has a very distinct voice that … Continue reading

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