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Horror Talk exclusive: Pearry Teo Necromentia Director Notes Pack!


And now Fiends, in the spirit of Necromentia and and amazing generosity of director Pearry Teo, you have been entitled to step into the Pandora’s Box of his mind. These Director’s Notes are EXCLUSIVE to Horror Talk, and of course Horrornews! Feel free to print them, trade them, keep them as a souvenir..enjoy the pain! DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF of ...

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Horror Talk: 09.24.10


What’s up Fiends! It’s your hellish visitor back to introduce you to all to a bit of pain and pleasure, and believe me, it’s going to be an incredible edition! This very special piece not only includes all the carnage you crave, but an interview with incredibly talented and absolute lover of horror, former Rue Morgue editor and future visionary ...

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