A&E Adds More Horror With OCCULT


And the horror on TV train just keeps on rolling.. A&E just announced today that they are moving ahead with production on a brand new horror themed show titled OCCULT. With a title like that you can probably put two and two together and figure out what this one is all about but, let me tell you anyway. According to The Hollywood Reporter this one will go just like this: “Occult revolves around Dolan, an … Continue reading

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Esoterror Sinema: The Occult Cinema of H.P LoveCraft


As the stars align in weird conglomerations, this edition of Esoterror Sinema shall stick the blade of cinematic bullsh*t into the subject of occultism within the films adapted from the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The literary genius of H.P. Lovecraft is well known to anyone with even the most infantile understanding of the origins of horror and understands his name does not represent the joys of knitting and scrapbooking. The works of Lovecraft deal … Continue reading

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Book Review: An A to Z of the Occut – Author Simon Cox


AN A TO Z OF THE OCCULT (SIMON COX’S A TO Z) by Simon Cox (Author), Mark Foster (Author) Published by Mainstream Publishing Publication Date: 2008 Format: Black /White (with some color inserts) 240 pages Price: $24.95 How about some occult training in shorter doses? The latest book by author Simon Cox & Mark Foster offers just that . A crash course in a bit of everything for readers and interested parties in the occult. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Black Book of Horror

Black Book of Horror

This compendium of chills aims to satisfy the twisted desires of those who like their horror in short, scary bursts. Harking back to the glory years for short horror stories, when the Pan Books proved demand was high for both the genre and the format, the Black Books of Horror are now up to number seven in the series – though having never read one before, it made sense to start where all good stories … Continue reading

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