Hair-Raising JUDY Shocking New images You Must See


Check out some of the latest stills from the upcoming Necrostorm film “Judy“. Bad things happen to bad people. That’s what Ursula, the ring leader of a deranged group of street performers called “The Crows”, always says. For no apparent reason, the gang starts to torment Mary and Judy: a young car driver and her dog. Her only crime was not paying attention to the annoying street performers. For Mary, the curtains of the most … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hotel Inferno (2013)


SYNOPSIS: The contract killer Frank Zimosa has just been hired for a ridiculously lucrative mission by the rich and powerful Jorge Mistrandia. The objective: to kill a couple of people hiding in one of his European hotels. What would look like one of the simplest jobs Frank has ever had is just about to turn into a living nightmare. He will soon realize he’s nothing more than prey for Mistrandia and his army of crazy … Continue reading

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Film Review: Taeter City (2012)


SYNOPSIS: In Taeter City everything is managed by the iron fist of dictatorship members: THE AUTORITY. They use a special radio wave system called Zeed that lets them distinguish criminals from typical law abiding citizens. These special radio waves alter the demented brain of criminals, forcing them to commit suicide in horrible ways. A special police corps called The Biker’s retrieves their corpses and delivers them to massive slaughterhouses. These supply the mega fast food … Continue reading

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Film Review: Adam Chaplin (2011)


SYNOPSIS: a Demon who will bestow on him a dark, superhuman strength…The Demon will lead Adam to the murderer if he does his bidding – So begins a bloody war of extreme violence as Adam fights the might of the police corp. and their dark allies head-on. Will Adam kill his enemies before the Demon calls in his debt and drags his soul to hell? Will he see his dead wife for one last time? … Continue reading

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