Latest Teaser For HANNIBAL Lays It All On The Table


It’s a short tease but one of the better ones so far and with only a couple of days till the premiere I guess it’s time to roll out your big guns. HANNIBAL premieres on April 4th at 10 PM on NBC. First a look at all the up to date info and then check out the teaser. Gonna be fun!! Starring Hugh Dancy as Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter, “Hannibal” from … Continue reading

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NBC Offers Up A “First Look” At HANNIBAL


With only a few weeks to go till NBC rolls out their horror effort HANNIBAL they are pulling out all the stops to get the word out about the event. Horror on TV is HUGE right now and the latest additions, shows like THE FOLLOWING and BATES MOTEL opening strong and holding an audience NBC would love to get a piece of that action. Is HANNIBAL the answer? We’ll all find out together. Now, back … Continue reading

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Extended Promo For HANNIBAL Shows Promise

The whole notion of a weekly TV show based on the Thomas Harris HANNIBAL novels airing on regular network TV has concerned me but I’ve got to tell you, I like where NBC seems to be heading with this. Airing at 10 PM beginning Thursday April 4th HANNIBAL will pick up during the Will Graham era of the HANNIBAL saga. For those of you who are fans of the films this would be around the … Continue reading

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NBC Serves Up The First Trailer For HANNIBAL


And you thought you were going to have to wait till Saturday night like everyone else to see the first footage for HANNIBAL. You know I wouldn’t let that happen. I’ve got it for you right here, right now. As I told you earlier this week, the series premieres on Thursday April 4th at 10 PM and is going to take us back into the world of Hannibal Lector during the Will Graham era of … Continue reading

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NBC Invites HANNIBAL For Thursday Night Dinner


We’ve been talking about the TV premiere of Hannibal Lector for a while now. Not sure how our favorite cannibal is going to play out on network TV but hell, I’m willing to give it a shot. Tonight brings the news that NBC has decided what to do with the show and they’ve placed it on Thursday nights at 10 PM starting on April 4th. HANNIBAL is going to take place during the Will Graham … Continue reading

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A couple new horror-themed shows heading our way, one via NBC and the other for all of us who stream Netflix. What they both have in common tonight is the fact that some teaser art got released for both and it is certainly worth a look. First up, coming from NBC is HANNIBAL. Yeah, that HANNIBAL seems someone thinks we all need a little cannibal every week! HANNIBAL will focus on the relationship between Dr. … Continue reading

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FANS WEIGH IN: Do you think the new MUNSTERS remake will be any good? Good idea or bad idea?

Image owned by Getty Images

NBC has announced that they have charged PUSHING UP DAISES creator Bryan Fuller to pen a pilot for their remake of the original 1960’s classic series THE MUNSTERS. NBC plans to make the show a “darker version” of the original campy sitcom to show “another side” of the family and what it is like to live in their world. The original show ran from 1964-1966 and then a a spin-off show entitled The Munsters Today … Continue reading


NBC Just Got A Little More Grimm

With the success of The Walking Dead broadcast networks are now looking to jump on the bandwagon.  EW has let it out that NBC bought the pilot for a show that mixes Fantasy and Crime together.  The show is being called Grimm and is from the writers of Buffy and Angel.  It is being described as “dark but fantastical cop drama about a world in which characters inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales exist.” It could … Continue reading

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