Film Review: The House on Pine Street (2015)


SYNOPSIS: A psychological horror about a young woman coping with an unwanted pregnancy after moving into a seemingly haunted house. REVIEW: I would like to state for the record that this film has bothered me more than any film I have seen before. I suppose that is the true mark of a horror movie:to make the viewer uncomfortable. our story begins with an expecting couple, Jennifer and Luke (Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles) moving into a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Psychic Experiment (2010)


SYNOPSIS: After years away of avoiding his past, Cole Gray (Denton Blane Everette) accepts a job that has him returning to his home town leaving his new life and girlfriend Elspeth (Katie Featherston) behind. Believing he is hired by Louise Strack (Adrienne King) for an establishment called The Facility in order to research a local epidemic inflicting the locals with a strange cancer like ailment, Cole soon discovers a conspiracy running just below the surface … Continue reading