Film Review: Manson, My name is Evil (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Perry, a sheltered chemical engineer, falls in love with Leslie, a former homecoming princess, when he becomes a jury member at her hippie death cult murder trial REVIEW: “Manson, my name is Evil” is a curious title as when the end credits rolled by they listed the film as “Leslie, My name is Evil”. I say this because, this actually is more inline with what the story is about. Sure it’s rehashed alot of … Continue reading


Manson, My Name is Evil: October 12, 2010


The newest Manson flick arrives from Lionsgate on October 12, 2010. Manson, My Name is Evil, which stars Kristen Hager, Gregory Smith, and Ryan Robbins, follows Leslie (Hager), a former cheerleader and follower of Manson. During her murder trial, one of the jury members, Perry, a sheltered chemical engineer, finds himself falling in love with the dangerous woman charged. I am sick of Manson, yes he is evil but if you really think about it … Continue reading

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