Interview: Chris Motionless (Motionless in White)


Interview: Chris Motionless Band: Motionless in White ¬† How did the band, motionless in white, for formed? Angelo and myself (Chris) were good friends in highschool and started the band with a few of our other friends. Over the years we just kept having member changes till we found all the current members we have now. It’s been a long process but we’re finally settled now for good.


Motionless in White : Ghost in the Mirror

Creatures come out on October 12th and I’m not talking about Vampires and¬†Witches or am I. ¬†Motionless in White have a new upcoming¬†album¬†that includes¬†the songs, ¬†We Only Come Out At Night, Ichabod Crane , Undead Ahead, London In Terror, and Abigail. Metal!!!!!

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The Birthday Massacre – In the Dark

“In the Dark” Here is the new single from the album¬†Pins and Needles.¬† The Birthday Massacre offers not only the perfect band name for the horror fan but also some definite horror theme in their music video.¬† The music reminds me a bit of Evanescense.¬† The video has a very J Horror influence, much like The Ring.

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