Magazine Review: Morpheus Tales Magazine – Issue XIV


Morpheus Tales #14 As is usual every three months, I opened my mailbox and saw a package containing the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines…Morpheus Tales. I eagerly opened the package and was greeted with the stunning new cover by Candra Hope.  Morpheus Tales has some of the best artwork to accompany their tales and Issue #14 is no exception. The artwork beautifully enhances the tales they were created for. As far as … Continue reading

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Book Review: Morpheus Tales Magazine – Issue XIII


Morpheus Tales XIII I always get excited when I open my mailbox and see that the latest issue of Morpheus Tales is sitting in there waiting to be read. I have come to expect great things from each issue; riveting, well written stories and accompanying artwork that adds so much to the tales. Issue #13 is no exception. I thought every story was strong and I particularly loved this issue’s artwork. As per Morpheus Tales … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Morpheus Tales Magazine – Issue 11


The newest issue of Morpheus Tales arrived in my mail box last week. Once I opened the envelope and saw the cover art I had a feeling I was in for something special. I wasn’t wrong. Morpheus Tales #11 is a great collection of short fiction and artwork. Out of the ten stories there was only one that I really didn’t enjoy, personal taste. It seemed a bit out of place in the context of … Continue reading

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Magazine Review: Morpheus Tales Magazine – Dark Sorcery Special


MORPHEUS TALES – DARK SORCERY SPECIAL Dark Sorcery: An Introduction By Tommy B. Smith Power Drunk By John “JAM” Arthur Miller The Word By Aaron Gudmunson Secret Ingredients By Bill Ward Moon And Shadow By Dennis McDonald Veil Of The Weary One By Lee Clark Zumpe Jackie’s Lost Children By Lee Thompson One Last Trist By Samantha Wood Magic Coin By Scott M. Sandridge Black Maggie’s Secret By Robert Walton My Master’s Work By Justin … Continue reading

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