Top 10 Horror Films You Haven’t Seen But Should


Finding gems in the rough has always been one of my greatest pleasures in dealing with the horror genre. That said, every film and its impact is experienced differently (no matter how much you may like a title). This small group of gems is among my favorite titles that “I” feel were underrated or simply dismissed in the rush of upcoming and incoming releases. As a horror web site, we know full well that every … Continue reading


Film Review: Monster Man (2003)


SYNOPSIS: Two guys and a female hitchhiker are terrorized by a monstrous looking man driving a giant monster truck. REVIEW: Monster Man, a film I actually saw quite some time ago is a guilty pleasure for me. It’s one of those “take a chance on the shelf” titles that really surprised me as just being a a fine mixture of bad ass and quirky. The cover is pretty typical and may scare away a few … Continue reading

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