Interview: Nicole Kruex | Mitchel A Jones (After The Dawn)


Welcome my very special guests at this time Ms. Nicole Kruex and Mr. Mitchel A. Jones to I wish to extend my congratulations on such a superb film as After The Dawn. Fans may not realize the two of you co-wrote the original story. Describe the brainchild on how this tale was conceived. NICOLE KRUEX: Well in all honesty we were digging through a whole lot of Lion’s Gate releases, in the lower budget … Continue reading

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Film Review: After the Dawn (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Cassie Becker is a young, restless vagabond in search of hope and civilization. A catastrophic chemical warfare had wiped out the majority of humanity. While roaming through the vast country sides and barren streets Cassie documents her observations, emotions and thoughts in a journal. As she clings onto the feigning thread of reuniting with her husband and family Ms. Becker has an epiphany that sheer terror may be the only surviving state in a … Continue reading

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