Film Review: Vacancy (2007)


SYNOPSIS: A young married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel and finds hidden video cameras in their room. They realize that unless they escape, they’ll be the next victims of a snuff film. REVIEW: Even big names Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson couldn’t save this anti-climactic steaming pile of crap. The premise seems like a good recipe for potential terror: An estranged couple finds themselves entrapped in a diabolical scheme to produce actual snuff … Continue reading

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Film Review: Gangster Empire: Rise of the Mob (2013)


SYNOPSIS: Violence and corruption pulsed through the soul of the Gangster Empire during the heyday of Prohibition and the Atlantic City Boardwalk. REVIEW: This mega documentary comes to us with over 4 1/2 hours of pure old school mafia history. The bluray is divided into 6 parts on 1 bluray that takes us thru the past starting with the early days of Prohibition and leading up to Godfather eras. Of course all your favorites are … Continue reading


DVD Review: Zombie Unbrained – 12 Film Flesh Feast


A 12 pack of zombie galore! Folks, it is a mix of zombie films and those of the unliving, in case the rather cool cover confused you. Though don’t let that discourage you as there are some legitimate gems on this collection. “Carnival of Souls” is an old favorite (that should be experienced at least once by every horror fan). “The Last Man on Earth” is an old Vincent Price classic that mixes the genre … Continue reading

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DVD Review: Flying Fists of Kung Fu – 12 Movie Set


Old school Kung fu!…..what more could ya ask for? Here is a new set featuring 12 old kicking Kung Fu style films to dig into. Its the classic style movies we grew up on complete with bad dialog, bad lip syncing and whole lot of absurd (but awesome) marital arts moves that spring out of nowhere. Fan of Tarantino? Love those characters and the often silly way that they just break out into fights? Then … Continue reading

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DVD Review: American Horror Stories – 12 Movie Set

American Horror-Stories

16 Hours of retro greatness! Mill Creek Entertainment has created a new pack that makes things real easy for viewers to grab a load of classic horror films in one celebratory sitting. If you were only provided just 2 of the “Don’t” movies such as “Don’t Look in the Basement” and “Don’t Answer the Phone”, that would be a deal in itself. The good news is that you get 12 powerful horror films for just … Continue reading

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DVD Review: Kickin’ it Shaolin Style – 12 Movie Set


Kickin’ it Shaolin Style – 12 Movie Set Martial Arts imported straight from the 70,80s and 90s, you cant beat an after noon of wall to wall Shaolin style kung-fu bolting at you. Mill Creek Entertainment has made that experience affordable and ass-kicking with this 12 movie collection set. Shaolin style better known by its name of Wu-tang focuses of kung fu that originates out of the Shaolin Monastery. It has been described as being … Continue reading

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Mill Creek Entertainment Reaches Big 10th Anniversary

Home Entertainment Distributor Continues to Build Relationships To Release Popular Franchises and Revamp Catalog Titles October 2012 marks ten years in business for the Minneapolis based home entertainment distribution company Mill Creek Entertainment. Mill Creek Entertainment entered the home video market in 2002 with a line-up of value-priced 50-movie sets that rapidly became popular with retailers and consumers. Fast forward 10 years, and that commitment to value still remains, as well as the popularity of … Continue reading

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Fright Fest – 12 Movie Horror Collection


You can always tell when Halloween is brooding up around the corner as all the fright packs begin to emerge. Mill Creek Entertainment is one of the better movie release collection houses always finding newer ways to package “alot of frights” for a small price. This collection which features newer releases from the late 90’s to 2000’s has some great titles that stand alone on their own. Over 17 hours of Horror and Nightmare makes … Continue reading

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Hostel | Hostel 2 Pack – Now on Bluray!


A double dose of Hostel now together on bluray! You haven’t experienced Eli Roth’s great contributions to horror until you’ve sank you teeth into the Hostel films. Each offers a fun but horrific dose of torture p*rn at its best in these important genre defining releases now packaged as a 2 pack in full Blu-ray glory. Mill Creek Entertainment brings the goods at a cheap price and just the way you want your franchise releases … Continue reading

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Mill Creek Entertainment expands on horror pack offerings – new sites


Quick mention: The folks over at Mill Creek Entertaiment have opened up a few new sites for us horror cretins. This is good news as when it comes to gettting alot of horror, saving shelf space and purchasing it for pennies…sign me up! (Note) 50 packs and such do come in paper sleeves (within), but how else you gonna get 50 films in a reasonably smaller case. Here is a list of sites for them, if you want to keep tabs … Continue reading

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Film Review: Pure Terror – 50 movie pack set


Mill Creek  is noted for their collections, especially for those of us on a tight budget. It’s safe to say that I’ve pretty much purchased or acquired just about every large collection pack they’ve put out. This is because just the effort of finding, burning or stock piling these titles alone would outweigh the cost. This pack which contains 50 films (2 per side – 4 per disk) is priced at $29.98 – My guess … Continue reading

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Film Review: America’s 60 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries & Crimes


2 DVDs spanning over 7 hours of material! This hot collection from Mill Creek Entertaiment has tons of controversial subejct matter all nicely and neatly packaged under one roof. The site lists the film as 9.95 which makes for a cool way to see al the history channel type material in one sitting.  As an enthussiast I’ve read countless books on the material covered here. Roswell, JFK, Babe Ruth, Jersey Devil, Apollo 13…shall I go … Continue reading

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Film Review: Drive-in cult Classic Set – 32 movie pack set


Wow~ what a calamity! 32 Drive in Grind-housy films . What a great way to have so much and yet keep the space on your DVD shelf minimized. Yes there are a few classic titles here that really make this a steal…if you havent spotted them, then you should check out…” The Creeping Terror”, “The Devil’s Hand” ,”the Hearse”…..with such fun titles as “The Pom Pom Girls”,  “The Pink Angels” and “They Saved Hitler’s Brain”. … Continue reading

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Mill Creek Lowers Prices on DVDs – get great compilations for $9.98

MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT LOWERS PRICES ON DVDS TO NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN LEVELS Many of Mill Creek Entertainment DVDSs Previously Priced at $14.98 will now be Available for $9.98 Minneapolis, MN (August 17, 2010) Mill Creek Entertainment, a recognized leader in value entertainment, is dropping prices to never-before-seen levels. Many of Mill Creek Entertainment DVDs previously priced at $14.98 will now be available for the unbelievably low price of $9.98 MSRP. DVDs included in this price reduction range … Continue reading

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