Action Legends (4 Movie Collection)


We here at like action films just as much as the next person. Mill Creek Entertainment has been releasing quite a few killer combos this last year worth picking up. This latest one sent over features 4 action films, 2 Jean-Claude Van, and 2 Steven Seagal. I grew up watching both these guys in various roles when “action heroes” were at their high point. One of the films “Attack Force” even brings the 2 … Continue reading

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TV Review: Highway to Heaven (TV Series) Season 1 (1984 – 1985)


SYNOPSIS: A probationary angel sent back to earth teams with an ex-cop to help people. REVIEW: You might find this choice to review on this site to be a bit outside our usual genre. This is true, though due to the metaphysical aspect, even if religious, I thought the series to be right in line with some of the films and TV shows we review. Usually in the case of TV series such as “Brimstone” … Continue reading

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Film Review: Cult Terror Cinema – 12 movie set


Mill Creek brings us another collection  of 12 worthy films for just a small price of $9.98. As indicated it includes a few classics and a few that I haven’t seen on the market for ages. One of those being the elusive “Lurkers“. A few 60’s classics are included “The Babysitter” and “The Creeping Terror”. And still some familiar titles from the 70s and 80’s. The collection seems to rooted in a slasher fair of … Continue reading

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Film Review: Bloodbath – 12 Movie Compilation


Mill Creek churns out the creepy box sets with loads of horror to fill any weekend. This latest set called BloodBath contaisn some pretty worthy titles, that were previously more expensive just as single releases.  The below is the offical synopsis tally for these films which have my interest peaked. Some of the more stronger titles that at least I have seen or are on my list to be seen include: “Demonic”, “Angst”, “Hallowed”. Several … Continue reading

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