Film Review: The Coma-Brutal Duel (Das komabrutale Duell) (1999)


SYNOPSIS: When a man is killed by a drunk driver, his son vows vicious vengeance. He hires the Eightlets Mafia to kill the director and his family. With Heiko beaten to a pulp and his parents brutally murdered, it looks as though our tale will have a quick resolution. Not so: Heiko awakens from his coma and the vendetta continues where it left off. REVIEW: I’ll be honest: I’ve written that synopsis, but I saw … Continue reading

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Discussions with Decapitated Dan – 1: Mike Hoffman

Decapitated Dan sits down with Mike Hoffman to discuss his art, writing and music. So listen in as we learn about what Mike is up to and what we can expect from him in the future. After the Interview Decapitated Dan gives you a look at some horror books that he recently had a chance to check out. Music by Call the Paramedics and Monster University. This show runs for about 70 minutes. Discussions with … Continue reading

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