Midnight Horror Collection: Deadly Games


Deadly Games, in the tradition of the 4 packs from Echo Bridge comes this pretty pack of 6. “Closets” is a new addition to their sets, though the prize here is “Darkness” starring Anna Paquin. “Darkness” is actually one of my favorites as a stand alone. If definitely has a dark brooding premise without any Hollywood endings. You can check out our review of “Dead of Night”, or look for upcoming reviews on “Memory” and … Continue reading

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Midnight Horror Collection: Urban Legends


From the Midnight Horror Collective comes a new title featuring the much noted quad set. Urban Legends is one tidy little collection of horror. All 4 titles were previous Hollywood video shelfers, that I’ve run across in the past. You tend to wonder where all these films end…well look no further. I enjoy¬† the heck out these mainly because I can do a sitdown with a collective and not have to dig thru piles of … Continue reading

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Midnight Horror Collection: Backwoods Butchers


Hey it’s a quad set from Echo Bridge! This time featuring what they are calling BackWoods Butchers. 3 titles I recognize, with 2 we reviewed already. You can read the review on “Breadcrumbs” here¬†or Mother’s Day Massacre here Now, its probably worth your time to stock up on all these quad sets as they wont be around forever. With the obvious shelf space saving alone, it’s certianly a great time for thinking about space reduction. … Continue reading

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Midnight Horror Collection: Serial Killers

midnight-Horror-collection-serial killers

Slasher fans take note, on this Echo Bridge release of 4 in 1 set featuring some recent serial killer based films. The great thing about these is that you are getting recent releases cheaper than the original releases even as separate titles. You might recognize “In the Dead of Winter” and “Disturbed” as recent Hollywood Video shelfers (before they went under) 2011 is definitely the year of lower priced multi-sets, Here is another thats a … Continue reading

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Midnight Horror Collection: Dark Forces


Gotta love a 4 for 1 collection! And this collection is a steal – I may be mistaken but I belive I saw this at Walmart for $5. with a theme centered on dark and mysterious, your bound to get a few thrills from these 4 titles thrown onto 1 set.¬† Better yet, you can easily fill your library with plenty of titles from this bunch and there 4 in 1 products! From the Echo … Continue reading