Film Review: Girls Against Boys (2012)


SYNOPSIS: After a series of bad experiences with men, Shae teams up with her co-worker, Lu, who has a simple, deadly way of dealing with the opposite sex. REVIEW: Lu (Nicole LaLiberte) and Shae (Danielle Panabaker), waitress / bartenders at a local club, live their lives like most young folks who work for a living. It’s the daily grind and then an occasional night of fun. Partying keeps them actively meeting new people who keep … Continue reading

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Film Review: Cloverfield (2008)


SYNOPSIS: Revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people. REVIEW: Taking a que from a few other “like” style films, Cloverfield is one of the few to really draw up ALOT of pre-release hype. In fact, its set and details were kept so under wrap that just the fact of not knowing what the Cloverfield monster looked like seemed to be enough … Continue reading

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