Film Review: Infinite Santa 8000: The Movie


SYNOPSIS: A half-human half-robot Santa Claus fighting mutants and robo-people in a vast, post-apocalyptic wasteland in the year 8000. REVIEW: This is the time of year when we are inundated with reruns of animated holiday shows we have seen countless times, shows or movies most of us will admit to being sick of. Sure, maybe the kiddies will enjoy them but it’s time to move on and find something else to fill the gap, to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Infinite Santa 8000 (2011)


SYNOPSIS: It is the year 8000. War, famine, and disease have ravaged the earth, transforming it into a vast, desolate wasteland. Infinite Santa lives alone in a make-shift hut in the middle of the desert, feasting on the remaining mutants to survive. They’re slow and dumb as a rock – easy prey for Santa. He hasn’t seen anything even close to a person in three hundred years. REVIEW 1000 years have passed and the world … Continue reading

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Film Review: Drive-In Horror Show (2009)


SYNOPSIS: In days long ago, people would come to the drive-in to experience highs and lows. To laugh, or cry…… or scream. Those days have passed us by, and all the drive-ins have long since closed their doors. Those great movies have been forgotten. But some films won’t stay dead. REVIEW: Drive-in Horror Show is quite a work of passion. Not only do these folks get the old school way of doing things they also … Continue reading

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