Film Review: Huff (2013)


SYNOPSIS: When a mother realizes her sleaze bag, bible thumping husband has been abusing her daughters she goes to extremes to ensure their safety. On the run the three girls must manage to stay one step ahead of their maniacal step father, Huff will revenge in his eyes.

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Film Review: Sanitarium (2013)

SYNOPSIS: An anthology film featuring three back stories of patients who have ended up in a sanitarium run by Dr. Stenson. The first film tells the story of an eccentric artist and his descent into madness. The second film tells the story about an eight year old boy and his struggles growing up being raised by his abusive father and the coping mechanisms that he employs. Finally, we are treated to a story about a … Continue reading

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Film Review: Playing House (2010)


SYNOPSIS: Mitch and Jen are a very young and recently married couple who have found themselves in financial trouble already with the purchase of a perfect house. Mitch proposes that his old friend Danny move in to help them with the money troubles, any of us who have seen any of these kinds of films already has some kind of idea of what exactly is about to happen to the young couple. REVIEW: “I really … Continue reading

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Maya Entertainment Launches “Playing House” Facebook Promotion – Win a Date with Mayra Leal!


LOS ANGELES (June 21, 2011) – Maya Entertainment has launched a unique “win a date” promotion for the psycho-sexual thriller Playing House, which will be released on DVD June 21. Fans have an opportunity to win a date with Mayra Leal (Arena, Machete, TV’s “The Deep End”), star of the film, for dinner at The Federal Bar ( in North Hollywood. The date will be filmed and the footage edited into short clips to use … Continue reading

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