Max Brook’s EXTINCTION PARADE Hits Tomorrow – Free Preview Inside

Author Max Brooks has found himself the new face of Zombie horror with his two best selling books THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE and WORLD WAR Z kind of becoming driving forces in the sub genre. Of course this week bring the big screen adaptation of WORLD WAR Z although I’ve heard that other than the title, it has absolutely nothing to do with the book and out tomorrow is another ambitious project, a comic book … Continue reading

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Some New Footage From WORLD WAR Z


Only a few more short days till we all get to snuggle up to the film adaptation of WORLD WAR Z which from all accounts has pretty much nothing to do with the Max Brooks best seller other than the title. But while that may in fact be true, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad film. I’ve like all the clips and spots I’ve seen so far and you can add these next two … Continue reading

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New Trailer For WORLD WAR Z Amps Up The Action

Spotlight_World War Z

A new trailer hit the web this morning for WORLD WAR Z, the action/adventure zombie flick heading our way from Paramount Pictures. Making its undead debut on June 21s this one has the potential of being one of the blockbusters of the summer. Directed by Marc Foster and starring Brad Pitt this adaptation of the popular Max Brooks novel shows more promise with every passing sneak peek of footage we see and this new trailer … Continue reading

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Early Clip of ‘World War Z’ Surfaces

World War Z banner

A brief clip surfaced today for the supposed zombie epic, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. With all the controversy surrounding this big-budget Brad Pitt starring film, I’m anxious to see how it’s going to pull itself out of the PR quagmire it got itself in earlier this year with reports of massive re-shoots, on-set accidents, and overall bad luck that seems to be surrounding this film based on the novel … Continue reading

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A Dummies Guide to Zombies! Part 3

So far you’ve seen films and have played games with the undead, now you can feed your head with some good old fashioned zombie literature! Lets get started: Marvel Zombies (2005-Present) Synopsis: A comic book meta-series, Marvel Zombies introduces us to our favorite heroes in a unique way. The series features zombified versions of Marvel Universe superheroes. Marvel Zombies started out as a limited series by Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips. The were also at … Continue reading