Book Review: Odd Men Out – Author Matt Betts


“Look around you. You’re on a military vehicle. They said it themselves- they fight people. That seems to run counter to keeping you safe and my blood inside of my body.” I’m not a good cook. It took me far too long to learn that, no matter how awesome chorizo, oregano, cabbage and mangos are, they shouldn’t go in my French toast. The tastes will fight each other for attention, not allowing me to taste … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sidekicks! – Editor Sarah Hans


“I’m no Hero,” she repeated. “Real Heroes die young. Their too honest, too good. I can’t help playing dirty. That’s why I’m just a sidekick.” She shrugged. “At least I get to live.” -“Worthy”, M.E. Garber When someone decides to write about a sidekick, they’re deciding to write a different kind of story. It isn’t going to be about glory but it might be about honor. It won’t be about power, or at least not … Continue reading

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Book Review: See No Evil, Say No to Evil – Author Matt Betts


SEE NO EVIl, SAY NO TO EVIL Written by Matt Betts Published by Dastardly Books Publication Date: 2009 Format: Black & White – 45 pages Price: $7.00 “What the hell were we talking about? Oh right. Let me sum it up. Shark – Not dead. Out of the water – Move away. Most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough… trim your nose hairs.” Poetry, poetry, poetry. I had a creative writing professor, way back … Continue reading

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