Film Review: The Strangeness (1985)


SYNOPSIS: A group of explorers surveying an abandoned goldmine are trapped in a cave in, and find themselves at the mercy of a slimy, mysterious creature. REVIEW: The Strangeness was one of those films buried in the 1985 archives Of movies produced and long forgotten about. Occasionally I would run across it’s name and after 24 years got to get a little curious on the title. Well for all you “The Strangeness” fans out there … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fiming the Fantastic – A Guide to Visual Effects – Author Mark Sawicki


FILMING THE FANTASTIC: A GUIDE TO VISUAL EFFECTS CINEMATOGRAPHY (PAPERBACK) Written by Mark Sawicki Published by Focal Press Publication Date: 2007 Format: Black / White / color images – 312 pages Price: $47.95 I’ve had my share of work in the FX and movie industry, so I’m always on the lookout for great books that offer alot. I had heard about “Filming the Fantastic” that seemed to escape me at local book stores. As most … Continue reading

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