Film Review: Sorority Party Massacre (2012)


SYNOPSIS: Several applicants vie for the coveted title of sisterhood into a prestigious fraternity. On a remote island, Grizzly Bay the girls attend a rigorous weekend of interviews, competitions and initiation. En route to the island a police captain’s daughter has gone missing Detective Watt’s is assigned to watch over the estranged girl. One bizarre circumstance unfolds after another once arriving in the ill-fated Grizzly Falls. Will Detective Watts be able to unravel the insanity … Continue reading

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Vamps: Marissa Skell

Marissa Skell Photo 6

BIO: Marissa Skell had barely moved into her new apartment in the Los Angeles area, when she got the news that she had been selected as one of ten girls out of thousands to star in the new Lionsgate reality show, SCREAM QUEENS, on VH1. So she quickly bade farewell to her apartment full of yet unpacked boxes, the $10 mattress she had just bought on CraigsList, and her new roommate. The next day Marissa … Continue reading

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