Film Review: Debris Documentar (2003)

SYNOPSIS: Defecation. Death. Decay. Documentation. REVIEW: Most reviews of Debris Documentar follow the same redundant pattern: descriptions of the countless disgusting acts in the film, interspersed with exclamations of how disgusting it all is. If those acts were to be listed here in detail – and this is no exaggeration – there would be no space left for an actual review. This is the debut feature (although it didn’t properly surface until years later) of … Continue reading

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Film Review: Cadavericon (short film) (2002)


“Cadavericon” (besides wearing a title that leaves little to the imagination as to what the film is about) is a short black & white piece created as part of Marian Dora’s short film collective for 2002. The piece could easily be mistaken for a documentary film that demonstrates the procedure morticians go thru to prep a body for funeral service. A recent corpse lays naked upon a table as he is lifted, washed, dressed, and … Continue reading

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Film Review: Caribbean Sunrise (short film) (2002)


“Caribbean Sunrise” is a 3 minute short by Marian Dora created in 2002. The piece as a standalone doesn’t offer very much but where it does is in its subtle migration from travel video to death scene. Opening on a scene of a Caribbean paradise showing sunsets, palm tress, and warm winded ocean scenes one might think that they’ve stumbled upon a travel advertisement. In fact I tend to believe the piece was set up … Continue reading

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Film Review: Provokation (short film) (2002)


REVIEW: “Provokation” is a 15 minute German short film created by extreme filmmaker Marian Dora. While being one of his earlier shorts, “Provokation” is indeed closer to being a case of “taking things too far” than any type of artistic offering. My viewing of this hard to watch short ended mostly on the question of “why” rather than being impressed on any creative level. The listing for the movie was also absent of actor credits.

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Film Review: Cannibal (2006)


SYNOPSIS: Cannibal is a 2006 German direct-to-video horror film written, directed and produced by Marian Dora. REVIEW: In 2001, German citizen Armin Meiwes posted an ad on a website called The Cannibal CafĂ© looking for a young man who wanted to be murdered and eaten. After multiple failed matches, Bernd Jurgen Brandes replied to his ad. Video camera recording, the two men first fried and ate Brandes’ severed penis together, then drank some wine and … Continue reading

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