Film Review: Machine Head (2011)


SYNOPSIS: A handful of beautiful college girls take a Spring Break vacation to an isolated house to soak up the rays, booze, and boys, etc. The problem is that they encounter a menacing muscle car on the way up to the house and find themselves fighting for their lives as they are stalked by an unknown assailant. REVIEW: What’s better than Spring Break for young and nubile college vixens? Well, for my money it doesn’t … Continue reading

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MACHINE HEAD Arrives on Anchor Bay March 25th


Spring Break. The two words together connote those heady days when academia stops for a week and unbridled hedonism reigns. Spring Break means fun, sun and sex. But in Los Ranchos, CA it also means…abject terror! From Anchor Bay Entertainment comes the March 25th DVD release of Machine Head. With a hot young cast including Sharon Hinnendael (Embrace of the Vampire, Rites of Passage), Nicole Zeoli (The Telling, Zoey to the Max), Cristina Corigliano (Last … Continue reading

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Trailer: Machine Head (2011)

Trailer: Machine Head (2011) The desert of Los Ranchos, CA isn’t your standard spring break hot spot but when Rachel’s high powered father gives her the keys to a beautiful desert home, she decides to make the most of it. Spring break will most certainly be filled with her friends, some boys, cocktails and fun. Once away from the city, they find themselves being followed by a menacing hot rod on the highway. They quickly … Continue reading

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