80’s Horror Movies – List


Got to love them 80’s! A tribute to a decade that introduced some of the most original and cheesy horror films in history. Thought you’ve seen them all? Think again with this updated list. HorrorNews.net has scoured the planet in the efforts of compiling a complete list of films and movies that released in the 1980’s. Looking for that lost gem? Remember the year but not the title? Make sure to check back often as … Continue reading


90′s Horror Movies – List


The 90’s came and went with a huge list of Horror Films in its wake. I’d be hard pressed to say I saw all of them let alone a 3rd of them. In keeping with our service to document and educate those in the genre, we have compiled a rather lengthy list of horror titles from that era. The list has been accumulated and alphabetized so that we can bring you the largest listing of … Continue reading

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70′s Horror Movies – List


We know how hard it is to get an extensive list from film eras (if not complete at that) especially when it comes to the horror genre. As part of our extensive review coverage movement here at HorrorNews.net, we have provided just that very list for collectors and horror enthusiasts. This list covers the 1970’s release titles. As the site grows we will continue in our quest to provide the largest horror film review coverage … Continue reading